یک وبلاگ آزاد ! هر انتقادی به جاست.

This weblog is now a Zombie heh

Ok, Why am I writing this in English? Cuz this pc doesnt have persian keyboard, I just wanted to see whats up :) 



Anyhow, I wont take your time much, just let me know who you are by commenting, you do not need to remind me who you are, I can still remember all of you 



, Anyhow, I am gonna go now, but I wanted to update you a bit about my life, I am still living with my parents, listening to podcasts, drawing here and there and study languages, I am less confrontational on the internet. (Not like the good old days xD) but I still keep sending funny comments here and there fx in youtube or instagram, some of which might be pretty rude but it is usually a by product of being comic, not that my main purpose of those comments is to offend someone, but rather to make a funny environment for other people, (Even the person who is being make fun of) unfortunately back in old days any comment that was seen slightly comedic was attacked by snowflakes like you who would codemn them as being hateful and exetra, now I can see that there are a lot of comics and comedy fans world wide who are tired of your BS, you being the snowflakes, and so I am happy that I am no longer in a box where every funny comment is considered hate speech, sorry for shitty English btw, it is not that I am bad at it, its just that I dont give a fuck about how I write here cuz the whole purpose of this weblog was to not give a fuck about the readers and audience and that is exactly why it became so popular at the time it was active. 


Have a nice day or night ... :) Peace. 

sina S.M
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