یک وبلاگ آزاد ! هر انتقادی به جاست.

Anyone is intersted in my new product ?

Hi ! I hope English speaking post does not seem bizarre but what I am telling you now , can be even more strange . 

By the way ! 
Who is intersted in 30 minutes voice from me ? Ofcourse it is spoken in Persian but with a little English part . 

If you are agree . Send your email And I will share this new product to you . ^_^

Have fun ! 

This post comments are blocked because of more formal view of this post ! By the way you can use other posts for commenting or send your email to my other acounts on instagram or telegram (if you have). 

But what is essential is that if you don't request, I do not upset ! I know 30 min is too much and not every one has such time :) 

:: please don't request I don't know who you are and also people in black list are not welcomed . 
(Which they already know themselves if they are or not)

Every body else , is free to request.


sina S.M
طراح قالب : عرفـــ ـــان قدرت گرفته از بلاگ بیان